Surd (un-cover band)

Surd, that is
stelios mihas | alexis kotsopoulos | nikos ioakeim

Our début album is OUT: eight tracks of free improvisation with “deconstructivist” rock (and at times psychedelic) inclinations.
Enjoy the trip!
Surd I

Fugitive. Elusive. Unclassified.
Deconstruction. Perhaps destruction. Undecidability & eternal interplay. Independence. Unpredictability. Controlled chaos.
We start out with anything. Be it a tune of ours or other people’s money. We shake it to the foundations. Lay bare. Reconsider. Reduce preconceptions to the minimum. Go.
And the parts compose but an unforeseen whole.
Thus: we are an un-cover band.

We play in real time (we play in real life). That is, we do not edit out, we do not overdub; not in the least bent on ideological confrontation but rather…out of necessity. We just crave for unexpected occurrences on the spot. Tampering with what we do not master. We believe in moments of great affairs (and affairs of great moment).

Indeterminacy means to us, although (or because) it is in conflict with preferences (and we are all preferences).

Improvised. Experimental. Psychedelic. Concepts & notions that have been so widely (ab)used we’d better keep silent. Silence is golden, anyway.